The Issues

Rick Brattin will Fight for Our Conservative Values

In Congress, Rick will not accept the status quo. Career politicians beholden to special interests and the radical left have failed us. Rick is running to defend our faith, our families, and our freedoms from the socialist politicians in Washington.

Defend the Second Amendment

Rick is a proud member of the NRA and has a record of protecting our Second Amendment rights in Missouri. He helped craft legislation that made Missouri’s constitutional protections for the Second Amendment among the strongest in the nation.

Rick filed legislation to prevent any government entity in the state from contracting with a company that discriminates against firearms manufacturers and voted in favor of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which will prevent any Missouri law enforcement agency from cooperating with unconstitutional federal firearms laws.

Protect the Right to Life

Rick is 100% pro-life, having been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life during every election he was in the Missouri State Legislature. In the state legislature, Rick has a consistent pro-life record. He voted to extend the state’s 24-hour abortion waiting period to 72 hours and voted for a bill requiring parents of minors considering an abortion to receive five days’ notice. Now he’s taking his fight to defend life to Congress. He will fight hard to defund Planned Parenthood and protect our most vulnerable citizens, the unborn.

Crack Down on Illegal Immigration

Rick has a strong record of fighting illegal immigration, including sponsoring legislation imposing real penalties on those who are driving the influx of illegal immigration – companies who hire people under the table without checking their immigration status – and banning sanctuary cities. Rick voted for legislation that would make it a crime for an illegal immigrant to be found in Missouri after having been deported, providing statutory authority for state law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.

Rick voted to require public universities to charge out-of-state tuition to illegal immigrants and also voted to deny the A+ scholarship program to illegal immigrants,  preventing Missouri taxpayers from having to subsidize illegal aliens.

Fix the Failing Biden Economy

The cost of groceries and gas are skyrocketing. President Biden’s economy is failing America – and Missouri families are paying the price. Rick opposes the Democrats’ tax-and-spend agenda that only adds to our national debt and makes inflation even worse. In the Missouri legislature, Rick has a proven record of opposing tax hikes on our families.

Stand Up to China

From unleashing a global pandemic to stealing America’s intellectual property, it is clear China is one of the biggest threats to our way of life – and President Biden isn’t willing to stand up to them. In Congress, Rick will hold China accountable and work to reduce our dependence on Chinese goods.

Rick voted against legislation that would have implemented tax credits for the establishment of an air cargo hub for Chinese companies at the St. Louis airport. The bill would have effectively subsidized the work of a large Chinese shipper and allowed them to undermine American companies by dumping goods directly into the heartland, and Rick stood against this special interest-backed attempt to swindle Missouri taxpayers.

Standing Against Critical Race Theory

Rick sponsored legislation to require the State Board of Education to adopt a policy preventing public schools in the state from promoting or teaching divisive, racist curriculum like Critical Race Theory. Rick knows we need to get politics out of our schools and teach children how to think – not what to think.